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Different Options you can Use for Sports Betting

 Posted by on January 16, 2014 at 10:54 am  Blogs/Media
Jan 162014

 Different Options you can Use for Sports Betting

There are various reasons for sports betting. Some bet just for fun and for plain love for the sport while others bet to earn extra money. If you’re a newbie knowing different options where to take your bet gives you better advantage.

Using your mobile, you can take different options to bet on your favorite sport like soccer. If you’re just betting for the love of sport and for fun and don’t care about losing or winning just go and bet on mobile casinos that offer sports betting. However, if you’re among those who care to win and earn extra money out of sports betting, you must first understand the jargon used on sports betting.  Once you do, you can go and bet on your favorite team as the season starts.

Several traditional casinos that have mobile casino game also offer sports betting through mobile. Most of these mobile casinos offer free bet money for a new account. Most of them are generous enough to give $75 sports welcome bonus that bettors can use in choosing single or multiple bets. In soccer, you can link together all home teams in a round of the series like Premium league. However, some have limitations of the number of selection, and just a maximum of only ten selections is allowed.

There is also the offer of free risks bet from mobile casino sites. You can check out for lists of casinos offering this free risks bets. If you open an account, and you place a bet with 1.5 or greater odds, you’ll bet is refunded if you lose. Some casinos offer refunds for as much as $50 bets.

There is also the so-called Asian Handicap betting option. To understand this better is to understand the team standing and position in the Premium League. The big six composed of teams like Chelsea, Tottemham, Manchester United, Manchester City , Arsenal and Liverpool are the big six; all have shown strength in their games and seen as the better squad and with high home advantage and have played in bigger stadium and have larger fan base. To level up the gap between the big six and the rest of the teams, bookmakers offer Asian Handicap bet to allow bettors have better win opportunity.

Let’s say you bet on Chelsea over a lesser team like Southhampton; to level up the gap, a handicap is given to a team perceived to have better advantage and this also decrease the possibility of losing when the game ends in a draw.

However, there are different types of handicap bets. Betting on level handicap means both teams are not given any handicap and it starts off with O, and then bettors win by betting on the team that has scored more goals. A single handicap is a bet where a superior team is given an appropriate goal handicap aim to level the playing fields. If you bet on a team given with a handicap of -1 goal, you’ll win if the team scored more than 1 goal. However if the handicap team only wins by a goal, the betting is declared as draw and all bets are refunded. If the other team wins, you lose your bet. There is also the split handicap is given when both teams abilities has small gap and allows you to split your stakes over the given handicaps. If you bet on a team given with a handicap and it loses and failed to cover for their handicap you lose both of your bet and when the game is a draw, half of the bets are refunded however if the team wins and cover up the handicaps, both of your bets win.

Sports betting have become addicting to some but those who bet just for the love of the sports and just for fun certainly know when to stop.

Matthew Martin

Business manager for Global Football Today. I write the occasional article, but mostly stay behind the scenes.

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