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Morning Papers in Spain

 Posted by on January 21, 2013 at 11:14 am  Liverpool, Real Madrid, Spain, The Ball is Flat
Jan 212013

newspapers We have returned!: the Madrid of 100 points reappears in Mestalla. 5 goals in t he first half was unforgettable. Valverde: “You can’t surprise Madrid twice consecutively.” Karanka: “there has never been a debate about Casillas amongst the technical staff.” A Steamroller: Velocity, intensity, anticipation and punch: Madrid has returned. A white recital with a 0-5 in the first half. Cristiano, Di Maria and Ozil are immense. The German participated in all 5 goals. 10,000 Valencia supporters abandoned Mestalla in the first half because of the dour game of los che. Courtois, objective #1 . the Atletico keeper is the preferred replacement for Valdes by the Barca technical staff. Villa decided to leave in the winter. The striker asked to leave because of his lack of minutes. Tito left with an embrace. The coach leaves for his cancer treatment in New York.

Mundo Deportivo: De Gea/Reina: an exchange! Barca are preparing for Valdes leaving and United put the ex-Atletico keeper (De Gea) on the market. Rena would be well-received in  the Camp Nou, but Ferguson has tempted him with De Gea’s position. In England they put Courtois at Barca.

The Ball is Flat: I am not sold that either the dip in Barca’s form nor the sudden, rampant play by Real Madrid is permanent. Real Madrid still have plenty wrong in their set-up, difficulty with set-pieces, inconsistent play from players like Di Maria and Ozil, etc., so the Madrid press are being a little premature. You also need to blame Valencia for allowing Madrid to play their game and praise Real Sociedad for pushing Barcelona around tactically.  As for the bombshell that Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes is looking for new challenges and leaving Barca in the lurch then the obvious answer in the short-term is Pepe Reina. He learned at Barcelona, knows the system and plays the ball excellently around the back. De Gea is younger but I still don’t think United are prepared to rid themselves of the young keeper, and Courtois is owned by Chelsea not Atletico Madrid. Looks dubious to me.


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