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Morning Papers in Spain

 Posted by on January 29, 2013 at 5:38 pm  Real Madrid, Spain, The Ball is Flat
Jan 292013

newspapers Bestial Duel: Big Ticket item: it’ll be full against Barca. The whole world is waiting on the beats between Cristiano and Messi. Messi contrasted Cristiano’s three goals against Getafe with four of his own against Osasuna. In January the madridista has ten and the barcelonista has nine. Cristiano has scored in the last six clasicos but Messi has 17 goals against Madrid. Xavi renews until 2016: “Will go to win and score a maximum number of goals.” Diego Lopez was presented yesterday: “They have signed me for a reason. I know my virtues.” Gourcuff wants to come to Atletico but transferred. Today could be his key day. “You’re a Machine Cris”: the dressing room surrenders to Cristiano and is behind stands behind his instincts in this clasico. “Myth-Eater” Messi: the argentine goes for Distefano’s goal record in clasicos after pulverizing the records of Pele, Muller, Cruyff, Hugo Sanchez, Platini, Ronaldo… Suspense in goal: Adan and Pinto depart as starters, but Diego and Alves have options. Falcao touches a football: El Tigre can play Thursday’s semifinal. Sevilla 3-0 Granada. Isco: Malaga raises his escape clause from 21 to 35 million. Four more years of Morbo: Madrid will renew Cristiano until 2017 and the duels against Messi will continue. Xavi beats the record for longevity. Rosell: “Valdes has an open-door in case he wants to talk with us and stay.” Florentino negotiates a truce with the squad. Debate: Should Pinto play? The Bernabeu trembles: the madridistas fear that the blaugrana crack will continue his goals-scoring form tomorrow.

Mundo Deportivo: Messi Territory: Tomorrow, The Copa Clasico. Lionel has scored eight goals at the Bernabeu, a pitch where he plays very well. The blaugrana crack has scored 17 goals in Clasicos and he is one goal away from Di Stefano. Xavi signs until 2016 and Messi will do the same next week until 2018. Rosell: “Valdes has an open-door in case he wants to talk with us and stay at Barca.” Signs point to Adan being the starting keeper against Barcelona.

The Ball is Flat: I am a completely biased reporter in this regarding Clasicos. I will watch them and I will report on them but I am certainly not a fan. The Clasicofication of the Spanish League has been a detriment. La Liga used to be just as competitive as any of the top leagues in Europe. There are still great players all over the place and once in awhile you will see sneak draws and surprising losses by the big two but on the whole this is a problem. I don’t like Clasico. I don’t like the hype. That said it is always great to see great players playing against each other. It’s the hype I don’t like.


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