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Take a bow Mr. Maestro

 Posted by on June 24, 2014 at 7:59 pm  Italy, The Ball is Flat
Jun 242014
In the beginning there was catanaccio and then future decades were dictated; a nation born to play calcio the philosophical way, a way that had combat manouvres, embellished and intertwined in the beautiful game, a proud tradition that has reinvented the art form of defending, bringing much success to people craving the victory.

Akin to life itself, we become part of the spectacle, witnessing heartache and euphoria at the peak and pinnacle of footballing greatness. We discuss and debate and we vilify and admonish, but in the end we admire our territorial warriors in victory and defeat whether we understand the circumstances or whether we are perplexed. We the populus have endured. We the fanatic have reviewed our historical achievements and have been left astonished with the footballing individual and team.

So with all the complexities that is the beautiful game, that the Azzuri have encompassed and given to the world, we say right here and right now we have have just seen the closing of one chapter, and probably the end of an artistic and a superbly well written book that only a master can create; a master who's own definition of greatness is simplicity itself.

While all others around are bamboozled and confused only a wise one can see the path, a way that is as old as the original footballing rule book. We salute a living legend, someone that will go into the hall of fame with honour and distinction as being probably one of the greatest midfielders the world has ever seen, a pass master indeed that will be etched into the hearts and minds of footballing aficionados.

It brings a tear to my eye to give the praise and glory to Andrea Pirlo........take a bow Mr. Maestro, what a man, what a story and what a player.


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