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Jun 282012
That’s right – that sponsorless Jersey you’ve been wearing is now 100% collectible as all hell. Congratulations and Dallas till you’re dead.
Need some franchise sanctioned prattle? Well hold onto your lunch buckaroos and follow the link for some MARKETING PROMO FOOTAGE *ECHO*.
Want more? You disgust me.
All done? Well, clean that up off the floor before somebody slips and hurts themselves.
Our bumbling boys in red and white will for the next 3 and a half seasons be schilling for a MLM company notorious for almost ending the career of a Olympian and attempting to sell performance enhancing supplements to four year olds.
The deal is for an undisclosed amount of cash reportedly in the “multi-millions”.
And before you get worked up about how regardless of admittedly shaky ethical grounds of the company, that sweet sweet payola will immediately impact the team regarding signings, allow Doug Quinn to stamp out the slowly dying embers of your enthusiasm.
“I can tell you that I don’t think the jersey partnership dictates where we go in terms of identifying players…I don’t think that this will change our direction.”
My cup runeth over with excitement.

GFT Editor

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