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African Cup of Nations Preview

 Posted by on February 10, 2013 at 11:52 am  European Champions League
Feb 102013

In this world of football usually you don’t find yourself with a chance to have a totally new country win their continental competition.

Not with the African Cup of Nations.

For the second consecutive tournament the final has the possibility of a new country claiming the title of champion of Africa with Burkina Faso seeking their first Cup of Nations title.

The opposition is the much more stable version of Nigeria, winners of two cups.  Nigeria missed out on the last tournament but with this tournament winner having the opportunity to represent all Africa in the Confederations Cup this summer in Brazil.

Nigeria is led by former Super Eagle Stephen Keshi who has ample experience with coaching national African sides. It has been his experience that has been the needed calming factor in not just qualifying but progress during this competition.

Before arriving to steer this ship Nigeria had missed out on the last tournament and had constant changes going on which can destroy any squad harmony that might be built up.

Should Nigeria succeed in winning lookout other nations because Africa is looming and is ready for combat…but aren’t we forgetting someone…

Surprise, its Burkina Faso.

If someone would’ve said that Faso would be a finalist you could’ve won quite a bit of money based on the odds before the tournament.

While still the underdogs here they have been able to churn out results that were able to put them through.

Sure these two met at the group stage to a 1-1 draw but nobody was sure as to what either teams could do as it was the opening game.

Now we have a confident Nigeria side that has been taking care of business versus a Burkina Faso that churns out results.

Its Africa’s time now.

Prediction: Nigeria uses what they learned in their group stage match-up and know what to expect. Not going to be easy but 2-1, perhaps needing extra time as Nigeria wins

Brian Sanders

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