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Jan 032013

With just three true defenders left on the roster from a defense that leaked goals in the second half of the season, it was pretty clear what Brian Bliss’s No.1 priority would be coming into the off-season.

Enter MLS veteran Tyson Wahl.

As usual, terms of the deal were not disclosed (per MLS policy) but regardless Wahl provides an MLS ready defensive body. Wahl was a steady contributor for several years in Seattle before he moved to Montreal and then wound up at Colorado shortly thereafter. He does have a history riddled with long term injuries and you worry he might turn into 2013′s Carlos Mendes. Fortunately, the Crew still have the opportunity to look at the upcoming draft for more defensive reinforcements.

As far as what Wahl brings to the table on the field, I turned to my good friend Michael Hadley (@MichaelHadley3) who is a devoted Seattle Sounders supporter. The following is an excerpt from an exclusive interview conducted via text message

Great left footed set piece take…and pretty good crossing, otherwise not too exceptional. Not strong or good marking, more of a wingback.

Now this doesn’t really sound promising, especially if you’re like me and feel the No.1 need at this point more than anything else is a second center back to pair with Marshall. However, left back is probably the No.2 need and Wahl seems to have the makings of a good starting left back. You can never have too many options on set pieces and the Crew have never really had a decent crosser on the flanks. Jairo Arrieta isn’t exactly an aerial threat, but Aaron Schoenfield showed flashes of potential at the start of the 2012 season and it never hurts having an extra dimension to your attack in general.

So Wahl is really exactly what Columbus needed, but whether or not he’ll actually be able to contribute is a completely different issue. His signing is re-assuring and the draft has yet to take place. I’m not a huge fan of the draft, but Brian Bliss has traditionally done very well at grabbing talented players able to contribute quickly.

So welcome Tyson Wahl! You’re just the sort of guy we were looking for!


Adam Uthe

VP of Content Development for GFT and proud supporter of Columbus Crew (MLS) and Liverpool FC (EPL). @AUtheGFT

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