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 Posted by on July 23, 2014 at 8:29 pm  The Ball is Flat
Jul 232014
sorry that It's been a week since I've written an article, but truth be known, it has been a slow week for new news. Most of what is happening now, is stuff we have already talked about as far as transfers are concerned, or they are rumors, Juicy but mostly unfounded.
In fact the one real big transfer that was made official this week was James Rodriguez to Real Madrid, for 90 million Euro.
Just this evening, there has been Word that Roma is working on a deal to bring Cagliari defender Davide Astori to the giallorossi. This would probably signal the end of Benatia's stint at Roma.
Alvaro Morata hurt his MCL in his 2nd practice at Juventus and will miss the next 2 months. This leads to speculation that Juve are talking to former Barcelona Inter and Anzhi striker Samuel Eto o
Juve has also acquired Peryera from Udinese.
Roma Milan and Inter are all over in the US preparing for their participation in the Guiness Cup, which starts tommorow night with Milan playing Olympiacos in New York on Friday Roma will play Manchester United in Boston and on Saturday Inter will face Real Madrid in Berkley.
In other football related news, Argentine star Lionel Messi landed here in Naples today. No don't be afraid Barca fans, he is here fora publicity campaign. and a vacation in Sorrento Amalfi Positano. coincidently Messi wasn't the only VIP to arrive here in Naples today. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is also here on a vacation to visit family.
Anyway back to football, Man City striker Alvaro Negredo fractured a metatarsal and will miss a good portion of the premier league season. This has lead Man City to be forced, by a BPL rule, to put Javi Garcia on the market. apparently in England there is a rule that limits the  number of foreign players for each club. (could not happen if they were a member of the EU).
The Club most interested in Garcia is Napoli, who it has also been rumored are still trying to acquire Liverpool defender David Agger. Oh and while we are talking BPL, and by extension England, National team Captain Steven Gerrard has retired from international Competition after something in the neighborhood of 114 caps over 14 seasons. He Becomes the 2nd World Cup team Captain to announce his retirement from International competition, Following Phillip Lahm of the Champion Germany squad.
Argentine defender Besanta who had been playing in Mexico has reportedly signed with AC Fiorentina
Gene Gallucci


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