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 Posted by on July 17, 2014 at 3:02 pm  The Ball is Flat
Jul 172014
Transfer news, Tony Kross moves to Real Madrid
Mario Goetz from Bayern Munich to Borussia Dortmund
Michu from Swansea City to Napoli(Miguel Perez Cuesta)
Reports that Christoph Kramer has agreed to join Napoli
Evra has agreed to stay at Juve after speaking to Allegri.
Iturbe 1st practice at Roma,

Speaking of AS Roma, and all their acquisitions, they will have to pay the Piper, according to IL SOLE 24 ORE (ITALY'S WALL STREET JOURNAL) the Giallorossi will be forced to sell defender Benatia and Possibly attacker Alessandro Florenzi, to get out from under a sea of red ink, and avoid Uefa sanctions that possibly would go as light as a 60 million Euro fine, or as heavy as exclusion from UCL and would at least mean a limitation to 21 players as opposed to the 25 on a conventional Uefa list. Some sources also say that the 2nd possible sale could be Adem Liajic

For all AC Milan fans Stefan El Sharaawy returned to the pitch and scored 2 goals in Milan fvirst game action of the preseason. vs Renate a Lega pro club

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