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 Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 11:16 am  The Ball is Flat
Jul 162014
Juan Manuel Iturbe, Argentine attacker previously rumored to have been heading to Juventus, took a detour from Hellas Verona, and has instead signed a 4-year 6.4 million Euro contract with AS Roma.pending a physical which he is undergoing as I write.
Napoli have finalized the deal for Swansea City striker Miguel Perez Cuesta known as Michu Total cost 7.5 million Euro to Swansea, and reportedly 1.25 million Euro a year for 4 years to Michu. The deal is expected to be announced officially tommorow. The Spaniard is expected to be at the training ground in Dimaro in time to meet up wuth his new teammates when they also arrive tomorrow.

Gene Gallucci


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