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Dec 252013

It was one of those magical moments of the human spirit when during Christmas of 1914 members of opposing sides in the Germans and British held an impromptu ceasefire where solders crossed into no-man’s land.

During the truce gifts were exchanged, carols sung, and the mutual love of football between the two sides caused football matches to be played up and down the entrenched lines.

The National World War 1 memorial in the United States, who didn’t enter the war until 1917, in partnership with Sporting Kansas City is putting on a reenactment of that famous day along with having a soccer tournament and English Premier League watch party as on Boxing Day it is the biggest football match day of the season with matches from all the divisions taking place on the same day.

Sporting Kansas City has undergone a renaissance since changing their name from Kansas City Wizards where they have constructed their own soccer specific stadium where they have an ongoing sellout streak won the 2012 US Open Cup and 2013 MLS Cup.

Brian Sanders

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