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Dec 262013
truce tournament 2013

On Boxing day for most of the former British Empire 24 teams came together for the first annual Truce Tourney on the south lawn of the Liberty Memorial commemorating the Christmas Truce of 1914 in the midst of all the slaughter of World War 1.

When soldiers went off to war in 1914 they expected that they would be home before Christmas.

By the time that Christmas came around the idea that the war would end quickly was long gone. As the guns went silent across the Western front soldiers began to sing the Christmas songs of their own countries. Before long soldiers went from poking their heads out of their trenches to moving towards no-man’s land and suddenly found themselves exchanging souvenirs with the men who they were attempting to kill.

This moment of humanity showed the love towards fellow man that each felt as they went from exchanging gifts to playing the sport that both sides loved, soccer.

As the 100th anniversary of the first world war is neigh the National World War 1 Memorial, located in Kansas City was looking to put on an event that would be the first of many over the next few years they contacted the reigning MLS Cup Champions Sporting Kansas City if they would be interested in partnering in the creation of a tournament that embodied the spirit of the 1914 Christmas Truce.

So on the south law, while Boxing Day matches from the English Premier League were being seen inside the Memorial’s auditorium, four places at the national 3v3 soccer tournament at the Walt Disney Wide World of Sports Complex in July were up for grabs as the spirit of the 1914 Truce was put on display for the benefit of all.

Proceeds from the Truce Tourny go to the philanthropic foundation that Sporting Kansas City founded, after ceasing their partnership with the Livestrong Foundation, the Victory Project.

Brian Sanders

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