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 Posted by on July 14, 2014 at 12:13 pm  The Ball is Flat
Jul 142014
I have a couple of questions that need to be answered regarding the Final. 1) HOW DOES NICOLA RIZZOLLI EARN THE DESIGNATION AS REFEREE. He is easily the worst Ref in Italy, but more importantly, HE either DOESN'T KNOW or DOESN'T PAY ATTENTION TO the Fifa rulebook.
In which universe is Neuer the German goalkeeper, allowed to touch the ball with his hand outside the box???? and contemporarily commit an obvious foul on Gonzalo Higuain, which should have given a direct red card to Neuer and a PK to Argentina. Rizzolli cost Argentina the World Cup.
That said however, I have many questions about Alejandro Sabella's game management. What game was he watching??? Sees Ezequiel Lavezzi causing havoc, cutting through the German defense, like a knife through butter for the entire 1st half. So what does he do??? They come out for the 2nd half, He substitutes Lavezzi with Sergio Aguero. and By the way, WHERE ON EARTH WAS LIONEL MESSI???? after the group stage, He disappeared. I thought he would show up last night, But again he was among the missing. In my humble opinion, If anyone ever compares him to DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA again, they should be banned from writing or commentating about soccer because of incompetence. Argentina's best player throughout the tournament was Javier Mascherano, had they won he would have been given the golden ball for the tournament. An Award that Messi DID NOT DESERVE and from the looks of it, was embarrassed, if not ashamed, to accept.
That said, Germany didn't win the trophy for what they did on the field, they won because Joachim Low was a college professor, in his coaching. Substitutions were impeccable and Sabella did not know how to counteract them.Germany capitalized on the 1 real chance they had in 120 minutes and Argentina, (putting aside horrible ref and bad coach) didn't convert any of the myriad of opportunities that they had.
Congratulations to Germany see you all in Russia 2018. PS BASTIEN SCWEINSTIEGER IS A WARRIOR AND KUDOS TO HIM
Gene Gallucci


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