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Apr 072012

It is frustrating to still wait for our first win in the league. It is something we have to deal with and a chapter we have to close as soon as possible. 

As I said in previous posts, Montreal is not playing bad football, unfortunately highlights don’t show it, but Impact’s midfield really looks good many times during a game and that is something I enjoy. 

Salt Lake is one of the most feared team in the league, especially at home and I expected my team, after losing two road games in a row, to play the counter attack and defend most of the game. This did not happen and this is why my first tweet after the game was: “wow my team has a hell of a character”. Montreal played all game like a veteran team in the league with enough potential to play face to face the 2009 MLS Cup winners and 2011 Concacaf champions league finalists, sharing possession of the ball in half (51% vs 49%) allowing only 1 goal (penalty kick). 

It is all about the attitude and this is where I give lots of credit to Jessee Marsch. Good evidence of this is pulling one defender to add one forward in the last 15min, by the way I loved that. 

The problem comes when the team have the ball and don’t have the means to score a goal. The first to blame is Justin Braun and the second is the blind faith the coach has on him. This kid, because his conditions, could be useful in a counter attack strategy but not if Montreal attacks as a block like they usually have done. Braun, unable to hold the ball in his feet, basically stopped every move going forward.

I also have doubts about the defensive positioning of our left back Josh Gardner. Two games in a row he’s been caught giving opponent forwards lots of space to create and also being vulnerable to the first fake. This is something I would pay attention since having Tyson Wahl as option giving Shaver Thomas the chance to repeat in the lineup to start gaining confidence as well. 

Against Toronto, a team that has good offensive pace but currently not the best defense this would be my starting lineup. 

Ricketts – Brovsky – Ferrari – Thomas – Wahl – Arnaud – Bernier – Felipe – Warner – Mapp – Wegner.

This way Felipe can contribute more in the attack and double pivot Bernier-Warner would free up Mapp and Arnaud from defensive chores. 

I really like this rivalry, just the fact this red jersey guys are walking around in St-Catherine street with they attitude piss me off. Lets beat the reds and send them home!

See you guys tomorrow!

Luis Palmitesta

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