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Oct 112013

JeffreyWebb EFE CONCACAF and COMEX Celebrate First International Referee Symposium

Mexico City, October 11, 2013 – The first International Referee Symposium 2013 kicked off Thursday, thanks to a partnership between CONCACAF and COMEX which aims to enhance the work of referees, as it demonstrates and reaffirms the interest of both institutions in promoting the development of professional refereeing in football in the region.

“At CONCACAF we are proud to assist, along with COMEX, in the training of these top-level referees at this first International Referee Symposium. These officials hold the responsibility in our region of preserving the delicate balance of the laws governing football on the pitch,” said CONCACAF General Secretary Enrique Sanz. “It is therefore our priority to develop professionals who will enhance the ability of our players to perform through exemplary management of the rules for each game.”

The campaign led by these two institutions is the first exchange agreement between the Confederation and a private company, seeking to further improve the quality of the region’s football and the final product for the enjoyment of fans across the region.

CONCACAF and COMEX both recognize that the role of the referee is crucial in the development of every game. Just as the referee demonstrates confidence to the players through his decisions, he also conveys that security to the fans watching the game.

“By helping professionalize the work of these referees, we are showing our interest in further developing football in all areas. By giving them the necessary tools and the appropriate training to do their best work, they are being empowered to validate their work to the players and fans,” said Marcos Achar Levi, CEO of COMEX.

The symposium is enhanced by the participation of renowned referees from the national and international levels, including Pierluigi Collina, Arturo Brizio Carter, and Brian Hall, as well as members of CONCACAF, FIFA and the Mexican Football Federation.

COMEX’s participation in this partnership with CONCACAF will be an active one, including a comprehensive development plan for the referees, annual symposiums, workshops and talks by renowned referees designed to interact and exchange best practices in using Futline by COMEX in games. The referees will be provided with tools in support of their work, adding efficiency for the benefit of all football fans in the region.

“The primary objective of this partnership is to encourage and enable young refereeing talents, so they can get certified to participate in international matches, and even motivate them to get their FIFA badge,” said Achar Levi.

COMEX Futline is a spray foam, manufactured and distributed by COMEX, which over the next four years will be incorporated into all of the tournaments administered by the Federations that make up CONCACAF.

“This tool available to the referees, which is being used in all CONCACAF matches, has proved to be very successful. We are confident that it gives referees more authority, and helps make their work more effective, which ultimately will benefit all fans of football,” concluded Achar Levi.

For COMEX, participating in such alliances builds on the company values of promoting positive values and fair play on and off the field.

Matthew Martin

Business manager for Global Football Today. I write the occasional article, but mostly stay behind the scenes.

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