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Zusi leads States to Victory in Kansas City

 Posted by on October 12, 2013 at 2:47 pm  Blogs/Media
Oct 122013

After a indifferent first half which showed why Jamaica had progressed to this point in qualification the locally based Graham Zusi came on for Landon Donovan as a second half sub and made his impact in scoring the first, and only needed, goal for the US as America defeated the island nation 2-0 at a vocal Sporting Park in Kansas City.

Initially Jamaica showed that they were intending to give their faint playoff hopes credence but it was the extreme measures of Brad Evans who provided the best save as he cleared the ball of the line and saving the United States from being down early in the match.

From an offensive look the States were not good for the attendees money as they struggled to break down Jamaica. But as has been the case in recent times the halftime adjustments have paid off.

With the changes in personnel and changing the shape the United States was making more forays into the Jamaica half culminating with Zusi’s goal which gave the sold-out crowd the desired goal and for all purposes broke the will of Jamaica that everything else that would follow would be seen as a total dominating appearance.

Jozy Altidore was able to score a rather easy goal as he was unmarked and onside for a point blank shot from 5 feet out and the party was in full sway with flags waving, scarves swinging, and voices bellowing their pleasure as the United States firmly established themselves as the best team in the region.

With this win the United States has gone again with winning all their home matches in qualification for yet another cycle.

Something that no nation can claim. An achievement to be proud of.

Brian Sanders

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