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Oct 142013

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Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

The two Buenos Aires teams face off in the Superclasico, which is arguably the biggest derby outside Europe. World-renowned for its capacity crowds and unique atmosphere, it is a hot-tempered affair that often sees violence and riots. Like many derbies, social class is prevalent; Boca represent the working class while River Plate represents the affluent upper class.

Celtic vs. Rangers

Dating back to 1888 these Glasgow giants have squared off against each other nearly 300 times. Like most rivalries, emotions boil over and violence is a commonplace event. What makes this rivalry so unique is the role religion plays; sectarianism between the clubs is massive, with Celtic (currently best odds with Titan Bet to win the SPL once again) making up the Catholic contingent and Rangers representing the Protestants, making this fixture about more than just plain old bragging rights.

AC Milan vs. Inter

The Italian giants share the San Siro stadium, which means that the Derby della Madonnina is always a sell-out. It is one of the most watched derbies in the world and brings the million civilians within Milan to a halt. Again, like most rivalries, violence is habitually witnessed. In 2005 disgruntled Inter fans hailed objects onto the pitch and managed to injure AC Milan ‘keeper Dida.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United

While this isn’t a same city derby most football betting fans in England think this is the biggest game in the football calendar. Wayne Rooney says this match has more importance than the Manchester derby. The rivalry really escalated when Alex Ferguson took the reins at Old Trafford. After years of dominance by Liverpool, United emerged as the footballing superpower as Ferguson began his quest to overtake Liverpool’s record title haul, which he did; United have 20 titles to Liverpool’s 18. Although a fierce rivalry, it is rather amicable affair, with football rather than violence doing the talking.

Matthew Martin

Business manager for Global Football Today. I write the occasional article, but mostly stay behind the scenes.

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